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Monday, 1 February 2016

How does cinema offer a responsibility-orientated inclusive experience for an art viewer? (Part 1)

Cinema is primarily an escapist spectacle.
Cinema inspires choice/alternatives.

So what of a painting/illustration/static depiction of a film?
Cinema lets us imagine an extended narrative outside the freeze-frame of the painting, and so options are considered and ideas erupt of a continuation of physical location past the edge of the canvas: one can suggest HOW a location is as it is, or how it may soon become.
One can do this any any number of way (my choice would be to use screenplay terminology to 'direct' the viewer around the 'script' that inspires the image.)
Cinema is a moving image and is imaginative: it offers multiplicity in terms of the conclusion of the painting’s narrative subject. In that way if offers autonomy and hope in the viewer – It gives them a choice of how to finish the narrative themselves. 
This very action of observing in this way offers a template for personal behavioural responsibility.
There is not certainty about the image's result - only context in which to view it: I could place a painting of an invented film's freeze-frame in an exhibition full of other such paintings from the same film, with certain visual motifs throughout the paintings. I can use (as mentioned above) text as a directing tool. I can create a context (political, environmental, emotional etc) and the viewer can choose to feel how they will about it, and about what comes next.
A painting of a film can also release a narrative from being linear, and offer up the idea that things are never set in stone - we can change outcomes if we re-order our actions, or eliminate some of them.
I am speaking here in relation to the way the we inhabit planet earth and treat the environment, but it could really work anyway... say if one was making paintings about heartbreak, or mental health, or crimes.

And this evening I've been smashing out some messy text scrawls for some screenplay; set direction, scenario setting and narrative development for my 'film'. For my film paintings.

And this is Lone Cowgirl mono-printed in front of the desert star on my shoulder

p.s Listen to Ryan Bingham's new album 'Fear and Saturday Night'

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